2006 cruises


Hale'o Lono (Lono Harbor), Molokai, Nov. 24-26 '06


    Three yachts participated in the Nov. Hale'o Lono cruise,  
Lord Magic, Xanadu and Alchemy.  Lord Magic's skipper, Mike Mathews, left early and arrived Sunday the 19th.  He reports the sail over "was not comfortable", which from a cruiser of his experience translates to:  Wet and nasty! "The harbor was full of PWCs (personal water craft) and ATVs
(all terrain vehicles) creating big wakes, lots of noise and dust. It just wasn't  enjoyable."  Mike returned home on Thanksgiving day.
 Unknown to Mike, Xanadu
with skipper Tom Gebhardt and Alchemy  with skipper Leon Fedenczuk were on their way over.
     The following is Tom Gebhardt's experience.



     As the clock slipped past midnight on Friday I made my way down the dock to climb aboard Xanadu.  There, asleep, was my crew Rick.  We went about making final preparations for sea.  After re-wiring the compass light with a stronger LED we slipped our moorings and headed out to sea.

     The winds were light, maybe 10 knots, and steady from the North East as we sailed along the coast toward Diamond Head buoy where we would set our course for Molokai, East to 107 degrees.  We sailed into the inky black moonless night, passing a few distant inter-island tugs with tow.  The trip was pretty uneventful.  One strange looking ship with a lot of white lights seemed to be right on our course, so we avoided him and he later slipped off to the north.  I suppose it was a fishing boat with her aft deck awash in flood lights.  With the dawn the winds fell off even more so we cranked up our little Honda 5 HP outboard and motor sailed across the channel to the western end of Molokai.  The swells were building to 10-15 ft before we hit the lee side.  We continued along until about 11 AM when we arrived at the harbor entrance.  After heeding the warnings to give a wide berth to the south shore we made the range markers and easily slipped into the small harbor.  While setting the anchor the engine died as if on cue and did not want to start again.  "How odd," I thought, "after running for 5 hours straight without complaint, it died dead!"  A quick check found that the spark plug wire had come off.  The wire was quickly re-attached and the engine was fired up.   We set the anchor on 100 ft. of chain and then swam over to see Leon Fedenczuk and his crew on Alchemy.

We set about the day's routine with a BBQ on Xanadu and hiking, swimming and picture taking.  In the evening we all gathered on Alchemy for chatting and dinner of BBQ and tacos with some sweet red wine.  Later, when a fin pierced the water's surface several times near the boat, most of us thought it was a shark until a closer examination determined it to be a big sting ray with his wingtips coming out of the water.  We had a laugh about that and carried on chatting into the night.  After a good night of conversation and great dinner Rick and I headed back to our boat in the dinghy for a good night's sleep, with cool breezes, millions of stars, and peace and quiet.
     Other boats sharing the anchorage included the local trimaran, a fishing boat at the wharf and 2 fishermen at anchor, and another sailing vessel Cope
from Alaska.  We never got to meet the skipper on Cope, but dubbed him "Black Beard" for obvious reasons.
     With the sunrise Sunday morning the wind again died down.  After two pots of coffee and some breakfast we stowed the dinghy and awning.  Rick pulled the anchor, we threw a wave to Alchemy
and motor-sailed out of the harbor, followed by "Black Beard" on Cope.  We only sailed 1 hour of the 8 hour return trip, the winds off our stern were just too light to make any way without the motor.  We sighted our first whale of the season a few miles off Molokai and otherwise had a good motor-sail back.
     It was a trip full of firsts and the memories will last forever; my first night sail, my first channel crossing, my first extended motor-sail, my first time using GPS and a compass, my first time to a neighbor island, and no mosquitoes!  What a blast!                          Tom Gebhardt

Xanadu and Alchemy Alchemy at sun set.

Rick Tudeur     "How's the O'Douls?" CRUISING & SNOOZING
Pokai Bay, Oahu, Oct. 7-9 '06
Waianae Coast

    Our Pokai Bay cruise was over the long "Columbus Day" weekend.  Participants included Rear Commodore Bill & Barbara Beadle on "Millie D", Mike Mathews on "Lord Magic", Ted Murphy & Jim Murphy (no relation) on "Seamar Mhuire", and Mike & Patti Salomon on "Seaquel".
     Pokai Bay is 30 mi. from Honolulu on the west side of Oahu.  It's a protected general anchorage behind a jetty to the south of the Waianae Small Boat Harbor.  Because of Pokai's protected waters it is a very popular swimming and picnic spot for local families.  Just be sure to anchor behind the swim buoys.  The jetty provides a platform for fishermen, who line up at all times of the day & night for their favorite catch.  For the cruising boater, Pokai Bay has water and showers on shore and is only a short walk from supplies like ice, food, beer, even fishing supplies.
    So, on Saturday Oct 7th, in very light SW winds, flat seas and overcast skies, we all had a quiet ride along the Leeward side, past Ko'Olina, the power plant, & Maili Point.  "Lord Magic" was already there and was anchored outside, marking the entrance & greeting boats as we arrived.  "Seaquel", "Millie D". & "Seamar Mhuire" all anchored inside, setting anchors fore & aft for maximum usage of the space.  We all enjoyed a refreshing swim to cool off (anchoring is such HOT work!)  "Seamar Mhuire" found his anchor chain had wrapped around a rather large coral head (Who knew!?) but was able to clear it without incident (careful when anchoring way inside by the lifeguard platform!!)  Then we settled in for a quiet evening, watched a beautiful sunset with just a few mosquitoes and live background music graciously provided by the Army rest camp restaurant, all under a bright full moon.
    "Millie D" was participating in a fishing tournament so they departed Sunday morning.  The rest of us had a day of relaxation, swimming, reading, whatever.  That evening we rowed ashore, and leaving dinghys on the beach, we strolled the short distance to have dinner at the Army Recreation Center's Waianae Beach Club.  The local atmosphere was congenial, with a hug & kiss from "Auntie" who moved among the tables to greet diners and "talk story".  The food was decent and the music was good, if a bit too loud.  Next time we will try lunch or breakfast.  After dinner we made our way back across the calm water to our boats, under that beautiful full moon.
    "Seamar Mhuire" pulled up their anchors on Monday morning to return home.  "Seaquel" stayed on one more night.  On Tuesday Oct 10th, with the forecast of light & variable winds and calm seas, we powered out of Pokai Bay and motorsailed toward Honolulu.  Our "sail" home was done in nearly record time -- 5 hours to the slip, 2 tacks and 3 gals. of fuel!!  But a good time was had by all -- Any fish, Bill?
                                            Patti Salomon

Cruising fleet: Seamar Mhuire, Seaquel, Millie D and Lord Magic
Jetty fisherman, Lord magic in background.
Millie D and Bill  "kickin' back". The fleet just off the swimming buoys.

Seamar Mhuire:  Ted is scoping the bottom

Dinner at the WaianaeBeach Club .

Hale'o Lono (Lono Harbor), Molokai, September 2 - 4 '06

Our cruise #3 to Lono Harbor was a joint cruise with the Waikiki Yacht Club cruising club, and our club’s first channel crossing!!  Hale’o Lono (Lono Harbor) is a former barge harbor on the west end of the south shore of Molokai, 3.5 mi. east of La’au Point and aprox. 33 miles east from the Diamond Head buoy.  The bottom provides good holding in a sand and mud mixture.  Other than a sand beach at the west side there are no facilities. We started out on Saturday morning, Sept. 2.  The weather was great, with tradewinds of 15-20 kn.  All boats had a great crossing.  In Lono Harbor, with a bit of maneuvering we formed a raft-up of 6 boats: Pua’ena, Boondoggle, Wicked Wahine, and Hanalei (all Waikiki YC boats) and Seaquel & Alchemy (Hawaii YC boats).  In total we counted 22 boats, large and small, sharing the harbor at one time or another during this holiday weekend.  We all settled in, visiting and introducing ourselves and making new friends.  Sunday morning was beautiful.  Some of us had fun in the water, swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. Others went ashore for some hiking, while some just enjoyed the quiet time.  Wicked Wahine broke out of the raft to go around to the north side for diving and fishing.  And the crew of Alchemy caught a lobster!  Sunday afternoon we had BYOB “cocktails” and visited from boat to boat, sharing stories and good times.  Later a Mexican theme pot luck dinner was hosted by Mike & Liz Kelly on Boondoggle.  What a spread was laid out!! Thank you Liz & Mike for your hospitality. A prize was given to Wicked Wahine for the Biggest (and only) fish caught, and also to Alchemy for the lobster the “kids” caught while snorkeling!! Monday morning dawned clear and calm with forecast of 15 kn. trades, a good prospect for the downwind sail home!  We broke out of the raft one by one and each boat made it’s way out of the harbor after shaking the gooey MUD off anchors and stowing dinghys, etc.   It was a terrific day for sailing across the channel with nearly flat seas. What a perfect ending to our trip!         Patti Salomon

Flotilla: Hanalei, Alchemy, Seaquel, Boondoggle, Pua'ena Counted 23 boats at one time, still room for more.
Alchemy's crew, checking out the under water sights. "Happy Hour" aboard Seaquel: Mike. Leon, Tom, Eva, Eric.
Eva-Marie with pot luck contribution. Good eats aboard Boondoggle.
Leon aboard Alchemy checking out "Storm Tactics". Sunset and stars,the best at "Lono Harbor".
Kahe Point (Electric Beach) Cruise-in, July 22&23

For our second cruise we chose the west coast of Oahu for an overnight stay.  We anchored offshore of the HECO power plant at Kahe Point, sometimes known as "Electric Beach".  The outfall of warm water from the power plant attracts many fish, turtles and dolphins and makes this area popular for snorkeling and diving.  

Making the aprox. 4 hour sail were "Alchemy", "Camelot", "Seaquel" and "Xanadu".  We arrived Sat. afternoon and anchored to the north of the outfall in about 20-30 ft. of water, and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening swimming and visiting among ourselves.  Sunday morning dawned clear and calm.  The water was crystal clear, inviting us for more swimming and snorkeling.  Mike on "Seaquel" even took the opportunity to change his zincs.  A large pod of Dolphins came among the boats, swimming and leaping and giving Leslie & Leon a thrilling experience by swimming right under and around them as they were snorkeling!!

By 11:00 am the winds had picked up and it was time to make our way back around Barbers Point to our home ports, except for "Camelot".  They were on their way to Hanalei Bay, Kauai (lucky them!!)  We all had a great time and look forward to our next outing.  COME AND JOIN US!!

Patti Salomon

Update:  Sad news has reached us that "Camelot" went on the  reef at Hanalei Bay.  Fortunately no one was hurt but the yacht is lost.  Our hearts go out to Chuck and Dorothy.


Comments from "Xanadu"

"We got a late start over there again.  (I had to teach another USCG Aux class)  but was thrilled to finally be underway sailing downwind at hullspeed to anchor  off the beach.  It was just a little too dark to make out the bottom when we anchored as the sun was setting low in the July sky.  Pat motored up alongside  and welcomed us to the site and we settled down for a little dinner in a light drizzle.  The alcohol stove heated the cabin pretty good as I tried to cook dinner.   I spent hours in the cockpit watching the stars and drinking some brews, very relaxing.  Up at dawn the crew took a quick swim and soon away we went back toward town, 8 hrs. away.  All was well until we neared the area off Ewa Beach and were approached by gunboats warning us away for todays explosives drill. I was a little leary but pushed on.  As we entered the harbor the report of the explosion near Ewa Beach went out on the radio.  I smiled as we fired up the motor."                               TOM

Cruising Society Flotilla: Alchemy, Seaquel, Camelot & Xanadu. Camelot: Dorothy, Chuck and Patricia.
Xanadu: Sarah, Tom& Keoki. Alchemy: Justin, Melissa, Leon,  Dave & Leslie.
Seaquel: Mike & Patti Patti & Sarah, "Are you sure there's no sharks?"
A pod  O' Dolphins Moring Snorkel
Leslie & Leon, swimming with the dolphins !!!! Morning Taxi Service
Dave & Leslie, Happy Sailors. Dave, Mike, Patti & Leon, Happy Hour.

First cruise-in by the charter members of the Hawaii Yacht Club Cruising and Voyaging Society, June 24 & 25, 2006 to Hickam Harbor.

Hickam Harbor beach

This first cruise of the HYC Cruising & Voyaging Society was to nearby Hickam Harbor.  With permission from the Hickam Harbor Yacht Club (Thanks Charlie Robinson) and the promise of light winds and clear skies, 8 boats (shown below) made the short and easy sail West along the Honolulu waterfront to the protected anchorage tucked in between the Pearl Harbor entrance channel and the Reef Runway of Honolulu Intl. Airport.  There is plenty of room there for anchoring. The afternoon was spent setting anchors and getting settled, with time for a bit of relaxation.  Skip Riley rowed about to welcome each of us.  No swimming from anchored boats is permitted, but there's a great beach just a short dinghy ride away.  In the early evening we all made our way ashore for a lovely group dinner at the Sea Breeze Restaurant.  After enjoying good food and good company in a beautiful setting we dinghyed back to our boats in the warm night air.  We departed Sunday morning for a terrific sail to our respective home ports.  All in all a very successful  and enjoyable first outing!!                Patti Salomon   

Cruising & Voyaging Flotilla at anchor. Alchemy, Skipper: Leon  / Crew: Leslie, Dave & Scott
Camelot, Chuck & Dorothy Tuatha, Skipper: Skip / Crew: Linele, Susan, Chuck
Seamar Mhurie,  Skipper: Ted / Crew: Richard Odessy,  Skipper: Gary
Imagine, Norm & Katie Xanadu, Skipper: Tom / Crew: Rick
Seaquel, Patti & Mike Hickam Harbor entrance
Hitching a ride!  Skip and, uh--- Linell Xanadu, Sailing home