2011 Cruises


August 2011 Cruises

By Thomas Gebhardt   

          During August, two boats went to the island of Kauai.  We enjoyed a great  22 hour trip to the “Garden Isle” aboard the Catalina 42 “Alchemey” with Capt Leon Fedenczuk, and his crew of  Tom Gebhardt and  Gail Pickens.   We really enjoyed  a 9 day round trip to Kauai joined by Paul Soucek  who  departed with  us Saturday morning  with his crew Erick Barnes aboard Glenn Pangs former little Ranger 26 “Kipikai II” and we all got to enjoy the beautiful  anchorage of Hanalei Bay with its waterfalls, cliffs, mountains and dolphins.  Amazingly Paul made the trip to Kauai just an hour after we arrived aboard a Catalina 42. A very well done to Paul and his crew.



                                                          Paul Soucek alongside Hanalei Bay

          We all spent a day on the road with Paul as our guide as we drove through the quiet little old style towns along the shores of Kauai. We visited the “little” Grand Canyon,  Port Allen and  Nawiliwili Harbor. We got to look across to the island of Niihau from the southwest shore. Paul was sizing up going there along the Na Pali coast.



                                                                Warehouse port allen

            What a nice peaceful and  quiet place they have on Kauai.  The channel between there and Oahu  proved to be a bit of a challenge on the return as expected for  us,  but for Paul Soucek on the smaller Ranger 26 “Kipikai II” who had to single hand,  it proved to be over a 48 hour ordeal.  The winds held him off  to sea at a tougher angle from the west-side of  Niihau. He had to heave to and rest till the winds got more agreeable.   He called me a few hours after we rested on Sunday from our stop at Pokai Bay.    He told me that all went  well despite the winds  and he was looking forward to pushing on to Lanai .(Paul’s current plan is to sail to or around all the inhabited islands in Hawaii on this visit and he needs crew …hint…  before he goes home.) We wish him fair winds and following seas.



                                                               Lighthouse at Kauai

          On our return trip, we stopped at Paoki Bay.  “Alchemy” met up with Jeff and Patty Naus, Leslie Moore, and their friends Natalie, and Roger aboard the SV “Moon shadow”.  They took us in and gave us a great dinner party with salmon and steak among the main course……it was awesome!!  Thanks guys.


                                                                       Wide Canyon shot

            Several of our members headed toward Kop’ Olin Harbor for the  Statehood Day weekend including Capt Steve Dixon and crew on “Lanakila” along with Peter Knutson on “Mary B”, and Tim Pearia on “Scallywag”   and Jim and CJ on the Power Boat “Bad Habit”.  They all spent the weekend afloat at the marina and neighboring watering holes.



  Memorial Day Weekend May 28-30, 2011

By Thomas Gebhardt      



Weather had once again cause plans to be changed   and as we were trying to make our annual ‘Round the Island Cruise. The reports came in on Friday evening that one of our groups had taken a fall due to the rough seas and high winds (20-25 knots) while trying to round the point off Koko Head. Barbara’s injury required a few stiches on her leg and the boat came back into Ala Wai. 

We were loading stores aboard Alchemy and decided right away to skip the Windward side of the island for this weekend and instead make for Pokai Bay. I was on the phone calling others to let them know of the change of plans but as the weekend got started more boats were pulling out. Dave and Nancy, Ted and Kawika, Howie and Barbara all were put off by weather and illness.  Okay, sorry guys you did try and I commend you for trying and I know we will see you next time!

The weekend went off without incident for a few lucky and persistent boaters and the two boats SV Moon Shadow, with Jeff Naus, Bill Beadle, Leslie Moore, Tom  and  the sv Alchemy with Leon Frezenchuck, Tom Gebhardt, Rick Tutuer, Dottie Bates  and Gale.    

The nine crew aboard were treated to a fast sail up to Pokai Bay and a nice couple days at anchorage. We were also joined by Richard “ Dick” White and his friend on his trimaran and the other former friends Dennis and Holly aboard SV Tango  both of whom came by to say hi.

We spent the majority of the days watching and playing with the dolphins and turtles that decided to visit us on an almost constant basis. We did get some swim time, kayaking, and diving in. Potlucks aboard evening and hot breakfasts were the order of the day.  And we enjoyed the company of other like minded free spirits sitting around the rafted boats cockpits spinning yarns and making memories, and drinking a few adult beverages… That’s what we do.             

Monday saw the boats weighting anchors and setting sails for a wonderful sail back to Honolulu and the weather was near perfect with blue skies and fair seas,  puffy white clouds and gentle steady trades. The boat healed perfectly and swiftly as we made our way toward the Ala Wai Harbor, our home port. 

Home the sailor home from the sea

                                                                          and the Hunter from the hill

                                                                                                                                     (somebody said that)



                        Alchemy and moonshadow                       Leon and Rick at sunset on Alchemy


                          Sunbow at Pokai Bay                                            Tom on Moonshadow




Makua Bay Cruise

April  22 - 24th, 2011
By Skip Riley

Makua “Source of Life”

New beginning of our HYC Cruising & Voyaging Society Easter Renaissance cruise was accomplished, aptly, at the interface of a clear blue sky and teal blue sea.  There was promise of a Good Friday trade wind.  By afternoon, the cottontail clouds were providence provided.

Makua Bay Beach

The chariots of sail and power emulated the Easter spirit.  There was "Moonshadow” (Jeff & Patty Naus); “Swan Song” (Dave Cooper & Nancy Terrell); “Tanya” (Bill Taylor & Lillian Russell);  “Bad Habit” (Jim & CJ Byxbee) and “Giant Turtle” (Tom Gebhardt), and their crew Rick Tudeur, Skip Riley, Linell Kam, Tim, Charlie, and Cheryl (last names withheld to protect the fun lovers).

It was together we danced downwind and down sea, skirting south shore Oahu, rounding the “cape” Barbers Point to our Saturday rendezvous – south seas palm-fringed Pokai Bay.  It was here Leslie Moore befriended Waianae’s Aloha George – George provided stand-up paddle boards and Jim Bixby, Skip Riley, Leslie Moore and CJ became proficient. 

Afternoon pulled at our tethering’s and off we were to the “Source of Life”, Makua.  In a wisp of delight we arrived; Dave & Nancy awaited us. 

Anchorage was in 35-50 feet of opaque emerald waters.  Turtles, Humuhumus, corals, and wonderment excelled.  Dusk witnessed a migration of crusted crew to the decks of “Swan Song”.  A green flash ushered in wine and a potluck of such treasures as Roasted Duck, lasagna, fried rice, salmon, pasta, wine and merriment.  Fun was had and our Easter blessed.

Life is a banquet sailors can see.

The more poor of us are the landlocked

   Who on land’s end stare out to sea.

                                                                Skip Riley







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Presidents Weekend at Pokai Bay
February 19th - 21st 2011

It was a gray and rainy forecast as we cast off the lines and headed out the Ala Wai for a long Presidents Day weekend Feb 19-21, 2011.  Winds were predicted to be light and variable.  I had been looking forward to getting away from work and just heading off to sea to get some down time.  Relaxing for a few days, regardless of the weather, was my number one priority.

Capt. Leon and Diane

I was aboard the sailboat Alchemy, a Catalina 42, headed for the anchorage at Pokai Bay.  With Captain Leon at the helm and his friend Diane relaxing in the cockpit, we headed up the leeward coast of Oahu.  If there were any winds we were ready to set sail, but alas, it was a motor trip the whole way up to Pokai Bay at Waianae.

As we motored steadily along we did see a number of whales.  Their breaching, raising tails and rolling dorsal fins are as always a humbling sight.  Pupus and drinks were passed around and we enjoyed the roughly 5 hour trip from the start until the time we dropped the hook.

We anchored fore and aft facing eastward and after dropping the stern anchor we  settled in for the weekend.  As the anchor splashed into the cool waters of the bay we looked over the other boats at anchor.   Some were rafted as a group from Pearl Harbor.  Our group from the Hawaii Yacht Club and the Cruising & Voyaging Society were ahead of us.  In fact it looked like we were almost the last to arrive.


At anchor sat the Perry 43 catamaran Tango on the Diamond Head end of the bay with Denis Michaud and Holly Testa, who had come along with our group from the Hawaii Yacht Club.  They are continuing their 6 year dream underway and wanted to explore a bit before the next leg of their voyage.   The aluminum hulled sloop Hence with Captain Hal and wife Fran were anchored off to their starboard side.  The sailboat Tanya with Captain Bill Taylor, first Mate Lillian and their pet dog “Buffy” was anchored nearby.  Last to arrive was Principessa with a single-hander Captain Don Farley at the wheel.   He seemed to anchor with the ease of falling off a log as he swiftly and smoothly rafted alongside Tanya.  All of the previous vessels anchored both fore and aft facing the SE winds.

We all visited and swam and paddled the afternoon away and planned a gathering aboard the catamaran Tango Saturday evening.  We had a pot luck dinner fit for a king while touring and being impressed with a fine sailing Catamaran.  Tango is a very nice boat, and Holly and Denis were great hosts. 

The evening fell and everyone made way back to their respective crafts.  As we paddled our overloaded kayak back carefully we heard the rumble, noise and laughter rising from the other raft of 5 sailboats from Pearl Harbor.  It was quite loud for a while and then fell back to normal peace levels as we enjoyed our night caps and slipped off to our sleeping quarters.

Pokai Bay: Sun Rise or Sun Set??

Early Sunday morning we watched the departure of Hence as they made their way back to Honolulu.   As I was up early I prepared the coffee and Blueberry pancakes and syrup and the crew of Alchemy was alive again.  Swimming and paddling, lounging and drinking were the order of the day.  We were joined aboard Alchemy by Leslie Moore and some more food and drink were brought aboard. 

The clouds hung overhead and the sky threatened rain all day, but not a drop fell.  Dinner was planned and consumed aboard Bill Taylor’s Tanya and Don Farley’s Principessa.   With dueling BBQ’s smoking away we competed for the “best steaks” contest and it was declared a draw - they were all great!  

Capt. Bill Taylor and crew Buffy

The sun dimmed out into the gray and darkening sky and a fine dinner had everyone happy, debating, talking and reflecting.  The din of conversations in every corner of the cockpit was remarkable.  We departed a little tipsy, but aboard Don’s motorized dingy taxi we safely arrived back to our crafts just before the rain dropped as if falling from a bucket upon the fleet.  A few minutes later the rain calmed and the lightning flashed off in the distance for some hours later.

Monday morning dawned as we drank coffee and watched as both Principessa and Tango made their way out to sea.  Finally we pulled up anchor and followed them back to the Ala Wai.  A few more whale sightings under overcast skies made for a nice motor sail back.  We actually sailed an hour or so after cutting the inside of the fuel farm.  We watched behind us as the sail of another vessel headed toward the entrance to Pearl Harbor and we sailed and again motored toward our port.  We flawlessly tied to the slip as we arrived at our berth, and even while putting the boat away we were already looking forward to heading out again.  Nice way to spend a weekend or a lifetime sailing and boating; good food and making friends fair winds and following seas.

Tom Gebhardt