2012 Cruises


Christmas Party

Grab-Bag Game

The Cruising & Voyaging Society joined together for a really fun Christmas Party at the HYC on Monday night, Dec. 17, 2012. Everyone brought something to share for "Pot Luck" as well as a fun gift for the Grab Bag, held after dinner. Both Grab bags were exchanged, and trivia questions provided fun gifts. Arranged by Tom & Eder Gebhardt, the presents brought were "grabbed" for according to numbers assigned by Eder and given out individually. This was really a lot of fun as the presents brought smiles and laughter to the grabbers.

The food was deliciously home cooked and the camaraderie excellent as is always the case with this group. Sailors and cruisers exchanged stories over the happenings during the past year with much laughter and tall tales as a result. Plans were briefly discussed for desired and possible cruises during the 2013 year. These will be brought to fruition by Captain Tom at our next meeting to be held on Jan 16th 2013.

Summing up the 2012 year, Tom told the group, "We had a lot of small trips with a small number of boats, hopefully more boats will go out next year.” But on the other hand, “We surely did gather and have fun at every opportunity

                          Jeff, Kim Leon and Vicki                                                                                                          Kawika, Leon and Rick

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August Cruises
 By Tom Gebthardt

 Alchemy departing

On August 24-26th we got to visit Illio Point, Molokai. I went aboard Jim Byxbee’s “Bad Habit”, along with CJ, crewman Charlie, and my wonderful wife Eder. We made the approximately 23 mile trip and found the anchorage with “Alchemy” and her Captain Leon, crew Rick and Noah and his friends anchored nearby. We dropped the hook in a sandy patch in 20 ft of water and tossed them a couple lines, rafted along side, and we gathered for a delicious meal.

The next morning, we launched the dingy and towed Alchemy’s kayak down the coast so Noah and his friends could go snorkeling and spear fishing. We had a ball and spent the day exploring the shoreline and swimming.

Sunday morning after breakfast we jumped into the dingy to cruise the coastline and later travel to the hotel’s beach. We went to the lightly visited hotel and the gift shop. After we returned from the beach, Alchemy departed, and we sped away on “Bad Habit”. Within a couple of hours we were pulling into Hawaii Kai. We were soon making preps for docking.

images/2012Cruises/Illio Point.jpg
Illio Point

We powered into the Hawaii Kai Marina slowly.  As we prepared to dock, within feet of the dock, there was a tremendous splash on the portside and the alarm was sounded;  “Man Overboard”!  We immediately went into emergency action. As the Fleet Captain, I knew we would have to remain calm and keep a positive attitude to avoid panic from setting in aboard the boat.   I was also keenly aware that the best way to avoid the deadly churning propellers was to swim under the dock, which was precisely what I did. Yup, it was your "Fleet Captain” giving a live presentation of proper man overboard procedures (ha ha). We laughed all day about it.

The following weekend the fleet headed to KoOlina /Electric Beach for the weekend.  I traveled to the area and joined Jim Byxbee, CJ Charlie and Riley.  In KoOlina Howie, Barbara and Lenny Cantor gathered aboard their boats for pupus and cocktails.  Leon was at “Electric Beach”.   Lanakila with Steve Dixon, Lila, and Leslie Moore on board, were also at KoOlina.


July 4th Cruise

The Sunday brunch for July was led by the fleet captain’s wife Eder Gebhardt and all enjoyed a nice time together. About that same time on Maui, the fleet Captain along with Leon and Gail were dropping anchor at Honolua Bay on “Alchemy” where the boat spent the week. We had gone first to Manele Bay, Lanai, but found no available slips and sailed on to Maui.   I had to fly back to Oahu for work and the call was made. We were joined by cruiser Bill Beadle, who was on Maui. Bill was a lifesaver who brought out some extra provisions to “Alchemy” on the evening of the 3rd.  After dinner aboard Bill and I departed.  Bill gave me a quick tour of the water front and we made our way to the airport. Well done to Bill, who made our trip even better.

 Leon & Tom, Channel Crossing

I arrived back the next day and we attended a well supplied pot luck dinner on the 4th at the Hawaii Yacht Club. Many of the cruisers joined us for the fireworks and potluck dinner; it was one of the best Fourth of July's I ever had at the club.

As the sun dropped we spotted Captain Ted Murphy and Kawika Warren making for sea in front of the club and we sent them off with great fanfare (bells ringing, girls waving, and a small crowd cheering). Those boys had a long night crossing the channel; the winds and seas were up, and their GPS was acting weird. They decided to turn in at Hale o Lono, on Molokai for shelter and rest and spent a couple of days there. Without any communication at Lono, they could not contact Leon who was awaiting them in Maui. They decided against going on to Honolua, Maui and left Hale O Lono the day before Leon went in there on his return trip. Ted and Kawika made for Kaneohe Yacht Club. Both boats returned to Ala Wai on the Sunday afternoon on the eighth. With winds pushing 40 MPH they were surfing on the return, but all made it back safely.


Annual Memorial Day Cruise

by Tom Gebhardt

Our annual trip “Around Oahu", Memorial Day weekend was altered due to high wind concerns.  We decided to go to Pokai Bay direct from Ala Wai.  Unfortunately, Captain Bill Taylor had to bow out due to health issues. The trip was led out by Captain Leon and me, Rick Tutuer and Gail Pickens aboard “Alchemy”. Ted Murphy, Eric Gold and Kawika Warren made the trip aboard Ted’s Cal 36.  Captain Jim Bixby and Captain Howie Mednick and his crew took their boats to Ko Olina and had planned to meet up with us but we never saw each other due to communications. We all enjoyed a fast trip over and

 Lanakila, Steve Dixon

an open anchorage.  We gathered for drinks and enjoyed the weekend. We watched the Round Oahu race as they made past Pokai on Sunday. The return trip on Monday proved to be rough, with high winds /sea and lots of clear skies. We had a little sail damage but nothing too bad.  Steve Dixon continues his long trip around Oahu the week after Memorial Day and will take about 3 weeks to go around Oahu in a self designed leisurely trip to all the harbors of the island. He has joined us several times since departing to keep his progress known and remind us what a great trip they are enjoying.  That’s what I call a nice long summer break!



Hawaii Kai Cruise

January, 14-16th

                                                                      by Tom Gebhardt      

We had our first cruise of the year to Hawaii Kai harbor roadstead anchorage.  A gathering of 6 boats including : Leon and Rick on Alchemy, Jeff and Patti Nause, and Skip on Moon shadow, Dave and Nancy Cooper on Swan Song, Howie and Barbara Mednik on Kula Kai Momi,

|Hawaii Kai Shuttle

Eric,Vicki, Glenn, and Naomi aboard Kilo’Ia, and Bill and Lil on Tanya. It all started easy enough, a fine pot-luck dinner served aboard Swan Song hosted by Nancy Terrell, was wonderful.  It was served with many bottles of assorted wines provided by Howie and Barbara Mednik, but as the night wore on the swell started to increase, and by morning the sickening drill really started.  Bill Taylor broke his anchor chain while trying to break out his anchor. Rick Tuteur seriously cut his finger in the windlass while raising the anchor on Alchemy, which required a hospital visit upon arrival back home. Howie’s windlass acted up as well. Nearly all the boats faced some type of drama getting underway from the anchorage.  But all made it safely back to the harbor.  Two days later all the “survivors” gathered at the January meeting excited to be back safely among friends.