2013 Cruises 


Thanksgiving Weekend  Pokai Trip 2013

“The Cruiser and the Sea”

It was a great trip heading down to Pokai bay where we were to meet with the other cruisers for the weekend.  We had nice 15 mph winds all the way to the entrance at Pokai Bay where we furled the sail and motored in aboard Leon Fedenczuk’s Catalina 42 “Alchemy”.

We were the first of the boats headed there this “Thanksgiving Day weekend”, Thursday Nov 28th, 2013.  It was looking to be a good weekend I mused.

The next day was a bit overcast and threatening rain.  The other boats came in.  Steve Dixon arrived on his vessel “Lanakila” and soon Jim Byxbee came along on “Point Given” and his friend Brett Sabre arrived aboard vessel “Tide Roller”.

Later in the afternoon, the Fleet Captain's wife, Eder called to tell me that she was arriving via The Bus and I was to pick her up from ashore around sunset.  I agreed and went back to relaxing.  As evening fell, Eder had not arrived yet and dinner was on the stove. We were debating the merits of a potluck dinner as the sun fell over the gray horizon, but we decided against it due to the gentle rain that was falling.

Tom Gebhardt

After dark the phone rang out and Eder was across the street in Waianae.  I briefly considered if I should wear my boat shoes or carry my cell phones in the dingy but opted against it; after all, it should just be quick run across the beach and back.

So I contacted Jim’s Boat for a dingy ride to the beach and back. I grabbed a life jacket for Eder and away we sped toward the shore.

As we slipped onto the beach I shouted back to the boatman Brett, “ A quick  run across the park to grab her and we’ll head right back”….

The rain was coming down in buckets with thunder and lightning.  I found Eder and we flopped along back toward the park in my sore bare feet and soaking wet swim wear.  Soaked and cold we arrived shortly to the dark lonely beach where the rain was pounding and we could not find a soul.

We found a lifeguard stand to take shelter under. There we met a really nice guy named “Walter”, who impressed us when he proclaimed to know our cruiser Lila Moore, whom he had met earlier with the dogs. We called all our contacts but could not summon back the dingy.  Resigned to the situation, we could wait in the rain, chance a walk to the bar, or jump on the next bus home before we missed it. We took the bus.

No phone, no shoes, no keys, half naked… it was a cold, miserable, wet, long 2 hr. trip home.

Home is the sailor, home from the sea....

Thank God and The Bus …we survived.

Tom Gebhardt, (former Fleet Captain)

HYC Cruising and Voyaging Society


                                                                         Landlocked Party
by Leslie Moore  

Sunday, October 6th was our 7th annual ‘Landlocked Party’ at Dave and Leslie Moore’s house.  We had a great turn out and wonderful food provided by all. The Mai Tai’s flowed, croquet and bocce ball was played and everything was going well until…it was time to fire up the BBQ.  We made sure we had plenty of propane, but unfortunately the hose fitting disintegrated so we were stuck!  Well, Bill Beadle to the rescue.  He gathered all the shrimp, sausages, ribs and "Walla", he fired up our two broilers and everything turned out perfect…thanks again Bill.  The afternoon flew by with lots of good stories and laughter.  Thanks to all of you for helping clean up and look forward to next years’ party…with a new BBQ!      

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                                                                                      Pokai Bay Cruise
           August 29- Sept 1, 2013  


Just another excursion for the Cruising & Voyaging Society.


Point Given

Red Sky





After announcement by fleet Captain Tom Gebhardt that he and Point Given were going to Pokai Bay for the holiday weekend, 5 additional boat skippers and crew quickly arranged their schedules to meet there for a weekend of relaxing breezes and sunsets.

Miss. Dolphin, Jane Taylor

On Thursday Tanya and Principessa arrived to a practically empty bay and calm offshore breezes. Bow and stern Anchors were set well inside the bay behind the breakwater. On Friday Alchemy arrived and wisely chose the “dolphin anchorage” (open to the ocean but more frequently visited by the dolphin pods). Later that evening Point Given arrived and anchored. After a brief skipper discussion, everyone reset their anchors and rafted up with Principessa, setting the stage for a weekend of most excellent social fun. Saturday Red Sky arrived and set her anchors to hold in alignment with the other boats. Shortly after Ricochet arrived and skillfully maneuvered between and joined the raft next to Point Given.

For the remainder of the stay folks swam with dolphins, snorkeled in the clear bay, went ashore to visit the Heiau, watched turtles feeding around the coastline and dinghied into the bay at night to watch stars and meteorites in the dark sky. Paddle boards, kayaks, sailing canoes and people on flotation’s visited and mingled with the fleet.

Don, Jim and Ralph

Mornings were met by the smells of coffee brewing as we started our no stress days visiting different boats in search of the caffeine treat. Entertainment was provided by the local kids having “dive flop” contests from the breakwater rocks launching empty water bottles 30 feet or more into the air from their splashes. On two of the nights the raft provided the gathering place for all to enjoy potluck well into the night. Stories were shared and grew more amazing as the cocktails flowed…

Jackie, Tim, Kawika, Tom and Ed

The bay ultimately had 12-14 boats all seeking the Pokai Bay experience. To no surprise (as this is the cruising motto) calmness prevailed through the entire stay, despite anchors dragging in shifting winds and boats coming uncomfortably close on swinging chains.

Sadly, Monday morning arrived time for many to leave the found mecca. We helped each other pull anchors and squeeze out of close quarters setting a course back to the comfort of sea.

During the return trip the wind made for great sailing down the coast to Barber's Point. As often is the case heading back towards Diamond Head, vessels were met by stiff head winds in the 30+ knot range. Some chose to sail well out into the sea and waves while others hugged closely to the coast; thankfully all made it back safely with more cruising tales to tell.


                                                                                                    Don Farley


Memorial Day Cruise
" Around The Island"


                              Principessa                                                           Moonshadow                                                                      Pokai

                   Symphoon                                                                                Tanya


                                                                   Anniversary Party

This year’s anniversary party made a big splash at the club on the evening of the 28th of April 2013. We, the fleet, were gathered in celebration of another year as a group of like minded boaters who like the cruising lifestyle.

This year’s gathering was a grand affair with a potluck dinner, cocktails and light entertainment. The main event is again the naming of the “Cruiser of the Year for 2012”, the highest honor that has been given every year since our inception.

Steve Dixon

And the winner of the “Cruiser of the year for 2012”  is…..Steve Dixon of the S/V Lanakila  for his month long open invitation cruise around Oahu this past summer as well as his tireless devotion in attending our meetings and gatherings. Steve Dixon and his wonderful wife Lila, have been blessing our group with the “Aloha Spirit” ever since they joined us and we are thrilled that they continue in the Cruising and Voyaging Society. Well done, and congratulations.

The second award went to the first “Voyager of the Year 2012” to Jeff Naus of S/V Moon Shadow, for his roundtrip voyage to Tahiti this past summer. Jeff’s incredible feat, of making the passage to the distant shore of many of the Tahitian Islands and back, was shared with other HYC cruisers  -  a delight and a high point to our membership here. I firmly wish to thank him and his entire crew for their support including: Bill Beadle, Skip Riley, Leslie Moore, Patti Naus, and two guys named Mark – along with  Dave Cooper for his support and communication crew. Well done to all.

Tom, Jeff Naus and Edder

We welcomed many new members to the group this past year and they are all proving to be great assets to the group.  Recent word is we have our first member to circumnavigate as a member of the Cruising and Voyaging Society, Alice Woods who is scheduled to arrive back here in July from a voyage started from the Aloha Dock westward. We all wish Alice continued good sailing and Aloha.  We look forward to seeing her arrive this summer.

It has been a good month for the Society and I hope you all enjoyed it as well.  We look forward to doing some boating this year, hope you’re going out too!  

Tom Gebhardt, Fleet Captain HYC-CVS