2014 Cruises 

                   Eight Years of Cruising Conversations

                                                                                               By Cindy Scheopner   

It’s all about the stories. If there is one thing CVS members like almost as much as boating, it’s talking about boating. The eighth anniversary celebration was no exception. It was held on Sunday, April 13 in an effort to coordinate as many travel schedules as possible. One of the big draws each year is getting to see who drops by to talk story. It was the first chance many had to visit with Hal Hallonquist after recent health issues, but Nancy Terrell and Dave Cooper had already made their exit to Florida and were greatly missed. Dave has served as a member on the Board of Governors and was honored as the cruiser of the year 2010.

 Steve Dixon, Ed Abbott, Bill Taylor

Pot luck is the perfect menu for this gathering, because many items come with stories. Like the fish Bill Beadle prepared in the lower galley that was carried upstairs by Barbara Dove. “We had a lot of cod and halibut in the freezer from our trip to Alaska last summer...what better way to use it?” Bill asked. Other dishes provided a lot of variety, including a special anniversary cake.

Entertainment included Tahitian dancer Shiulina Wu of Hana Ka Lima Entertainment, http://youtu.be/_q6XLFd72Vw .  Her dance was just as the sun dipped below Magic Island, which was beautiful in person but makes for less-than-perfect photos and video, alas.  John Cannizzaro’s guitar music throughout the evening wove song and stories into a celebration of time on the water.

Steve Dixon presented the Fleet Captain’s Flag for 2014 to Ed Abbot. The awards presentation included Cruiser of the Year to Don Farley, selected because he has gone on many trips and is active in HYC events including First Place winner of the 2013 Christmas Boat Parade. He also donated $200 to the Christmas Event in the club. He was not able to attend, but Bill Taylor accepted on his behalf. We know Bill got the trophy to Don because Don gave his acceptance speech at the CVS brunch the Sunday following Easter.

The best way to learn about boating is still to stop by one of the Cruising and Voyaging Society events. No matter where you’re planning to go, someone has probably been there and has first-hand information about passages, moorings, local resources, and problem areas. CVS members are generous with their advice and happy to share experiences as we enter the ninth year. Bon voyage!

 1: Ed Abbott and Ralph Sprague
 2: Kimmy Apo & Naomi Wasano
 3: Lila Moore, Kimmie Apo, Jackie Sprague, Fran Hallonquist
 4: Noah and Bill DeReggo
 5: Tahitian dancer Shiulina Wu of Hana Ka Lima Entertainment