Hickham Harbor, Oahu



     From Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor, Hickam Haror is an easy sail west along the Honolulu waterfront. Tucked in between the Pearl Harbor Entrance channel and the Reef Runway of the Honolulu Intl. Airport, it is convenient and welcoming, even if you must share with the departing aircraft (really not that bad).  Charts of the harbor do not give much info on the water depth inside, but there is 20 plus ft. in the well-marked channel, and 13-18 ft. throughout the general anchorage.  Small white markers identify the reef inside the harbor.  There’s plenty of room for anchoring east of the mooring buoys, outside the marked swimming area.  Your anchor will set well in a mix of sand and mud.  Swimming from your boat is prohibited; the area is occasionally used for waterskiing and small boat sailing.


  Although the harbor is a military facility, it is reported that civilian users have been accepted for an overnight stay.  Check in at the harbormaster's office for more information.  Contact:  449-5215.