Kaneohe Bay, Oahu

Chinaman's Hat Island seen from the Ship's Channel at the northern end of bay.
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On the East side of Oahu is the 4.6 mile wide mouth of Kaneohe Bay, which is actually an estuary.  Waters in the bay are normally calm even when heavy trades blow because of the barrier reef and a long sand bar that protects the inner bay.  This makes the bay great for many water related recreational activities.  With it's many coral beds and ultra clear water, snorkeling and diving are exceptional.  There are two channels into the bay; the main "deep draft" channel and the Sampan channel which shallows to 7' and is not recommended without local knowledge.  The bay is relatively easy to navigate, with buoys, channel markers and pipes to show were coral heads are. There are several anchorages in the bay.  One of the most popular is the Sandbar, where the water shallows so swiftly that you can pull up and walk an anchor ashore.  Access to the shore from most anchorages is a problem and will require a lengthy dinghy ride.  
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Click here for PDF exerts from "Cruising Guide to the Hawaiin Islands" by Carolyn and Bob Mehaffy (1.57 mb)  (A very handy book to own )