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HYC  Cruising & Voyaging  Society Mission  

 HYC Cruising and Voyaging Society was formed to encourage the discovery
 of the relaxing, healthy and sometimes exciting aspects of cruising.  We gather
 as a group to share experiences and make new ones.  As a society we promote
 good seamanship and environmental consciousness.  Whether making a family
 day trip to a nearby anchorage, a fishing adventure or a long distance voyage,
   Lets do it!

                                                                                        Tom Gebthardt, Fleet Captain

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 Web Master

Patti Salomon
 Web Editor

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Contributing Editor

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                                     CRUISING & VOYAGING Life Style @

                                                           Who Are We?

                                                    BY Skip Riley, CMS
                                                                   Mid Pacific Marine Surveyors

                                        Founder, HYC Cruising & Voyaging Society

  • Sailors are a group of friendly adventurers who enjoy self sufficiency and freedom …
  • Sailors seek independent self sufficient life styles…
  • Sailors endeavor to live off the societal grid; … Sailors were green before green was popular!
  • Sailors sail  always with an eye on the horizon, distant lands, far and near.
  • Sailing people seek unobtrusive contact with cultures a different, without impacting them…Sailors leave only their footprints and a part of their hearts on distant beaches…
  • Sailors are accepting of all others as we care about the freedoms of our sailing brothers and sisters as we know the preservation of our life style choice is paramount…
  • Sailors like to talk story, soon becoming proficient. We are the poets and merrymakers…
  • Cruising Sailors like to sail, we like competitive sailing as long as it’s friendly and there is wind! We are not afraid of a motor!
  • Cruising sailors like to fish, but never take more than we can eat…always sharing the bounty; always giving thanks for the life style we so enjoy…
  • Sailors seek knowledge through the experience of sailors who came before us…as well as star gazing. We share our gained wisdom, easily never imposing our view on others…
  • Sailors endeavor not to depend on others to get us out of a jamb…as we especially do not want to put others at risk… We are quick to lend a hand to another vessel in distress.
  • Sailors don’t like officialdom and frown on unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • Sailors don’t like to pay big fees or little ones either! We do steadfastly pay our way…
  • Sailors don't like obnoxious or loud people, excepting, of course in the cockpit or around a beach fire when they laugh with us, listening to our stories and pouring the drink….
  • Sailors carry their independence with confidence along other walks in life, all the while appearing at times somewhat adrift but always with an eye on life’s horizons.

      Sailors are engaging, fun loving, responsible and self sustaining. We are the world